Table Plans

An Illustrated Table Plan is a lovely way of creating a memorable, functional piece of artwork that you can display at your wedding. Not only will it help your guests find their seats and your venue staff locate your guests, it will also look wonderful hanging on your wall as a memory of your day, for years to come.

If you have a theme for your wedding reception, think about incorporating this into your design – colours, design details and flowers. Perhaps you'd like to reference how you met each other - maybe you both worked in a cocktail bar so you'd like a drinks-theme, or a nod to dating-apps because you were a match on Tinder! Alternatively you can incorporate thing you both like – such as your mutual love for veg-growing, or the fact that you're both chocoholics! Whatever your story is, I will work with you to create something that truly reflects you as a couple. 

Read my Table Plan guide here.

All I will need is photos of the two of you (if you'd like to be drawn on your Table Plan), and any relevant details or images of elements you'd like to include in your artwork. If you aren't really sure what you'd like, talk to me and I will come up with some ideas that could work for your seating chart.

If you'd like your own seating plan, send me a message or get a quote here.