Ordering & Booking Process

Step One: Consultation

I will have a conversation over email about your requirements. I will ask you questions about your interests, your likes, your personalities and theme (if you have one). Alternatively you can fill out my Get a Quote form.

This is a really important part of the process that enables me to get to know you better, helping me to design your wedding stationery or artwork to truly reflect you. So you can expect plenty of questions about what you would like me to illustrate such as:

  • What outfits would you like to be drawn wearing? 
  • Do you have a colour theme? 
  • What wording (if any) would you like incorporating into the design?

I will also ask you for stationery quantities, paper-stock and envelope preferences. You can expect to receive a list from me via email asking you to confirm these aspects of the design, and to answer any outstanding queries or questions that have cropped up.

Step Two: Quote

Following our email conversation (or upon receiving your 'Get a Quote' form via my website), I will provide you with an accurate quotation using the information you have given me. This will detail my Design fee as well as any printing, framing or envelope costs applicable. 

If you are unsure of what you require exactly, I will detail a couple of different price options for you to choose from. For example: 

  • A4 Print 
  • A4 Framed Print  
  • A3 Print
  • A3 Framed Print 

Once you have seen the options and you have decided on your preferences, I will send you a final quote by email.

If you require a different design altogether or your guest numbers have changed, I will provide you with a new quote. 

Step Three: Deposit

If you are happy with what we have discussed and the quote I have given you, I will send you an invoice for a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the Design fee. This can be paid either by online bank transfer or via Paypal. 

I will also send you a copy of my Terms and Conditions to have a read through and keep for your records. If you have any queries at this point, please bring them to my attention before paying your deposit so we can discuss and resolve them. Please note that I take payment of your deposit as your acceptance of my Terms and Conditions.

Once you have made the payment and agreed to my terms, I will book you in my diary (on a date discussed with you) and progress to the design stage. If you require a 'rush' order, just let me know and I will do everything I can to move my diary around where possible and complete your project as a priority.

Step Four: The Illustration

This is where your ideas come to life - my favourite part of the process! I will use what you have told me to design original pieces that are wholly unique to you. I will ask you to email me any photographs or images needed as reference for the illustration. 

If you have any additional details that may help me to really capture you in the illustration, then let me know as I will incorporate all the information you have given me into your design. The more you can tell me, the better. 

Sometime, once I have started your illustration I find that I have additional questions regarding your project. This could be something we haven't covered in the original consultation. Often it could be something as simple as the hairstyle you would like drawing. Therefore I will be in contact throughout the drawing process itself in order to make sure every aspect of the design is what you are looking for. 

Read more about the Illustration Process here.

Step Five: Client Preview

Once I have finIshed designing and illustrating your project, I will send you a preview by email. Any minor amendments can be made at this stage - such as changes to background colour, slight changes to the illustration itself or text alterations. 

Larger changes or full re-designs may incur an additional fee, however I will inform you of any further fees before making amendments. I will never add a supplement charge to the outstanding balance unless I have discussed and agreed it with you. 

All previews have a watermark of 'Hannah Weeks Illustration' on them. This is faint enough not to obstruct your view of how the finished article will look. 

The watermark will be removed from the final artwork once you have approved the design and settled any outstanding payments. 

Step Six: Printing and Delivery

Once you are happy with the design, I will ask for the remaining balance to be paid. I will then send your artwork to my printers and order any envelopes required. 

Orders will be sent by courier to the address you have given me. Someone will need to sign for the package upon arrival. If you work away from home, it may be best to advise me of your office address in order not to miss your delivery. 

If you do miss your delivery, you will be left with the courier's card in order to arrange for redelivery or collection from their depot. 

If you require the digital file in addition to the printed artwork, please let me know and I will email it to you. 

If only the digital file is required, I will email you directly with a high resolution file size.