40th Birthday Illustration  

Deborah contacted me to illustrate a special family portrait for her son Matthew’s 40th Birthday. She asked for herself, her mother, her son, his wife,her granddaughter and the family’s beautiful, rather large cat, Humphrey to be drawn in the portrait - four generations (plus mog!).

Deborah sent me lots of photographs of the family so that I could get a really good understanding of what everyone looked like. She also sent me a list of things she’s like incorporating - snowdrops, her son and daughter-in-law’s home/front door and a Simon Schama book (Matthew’s favourite). She told me how her granddaughter and Humphrey the cat are best of friends and that she follows him everywhere holding onto his tail - a detail that I had to include! 

As time was short, I provided Deborah with the print only of her illustration and with a little advice from myself, she bought a frame and mount to fit.

"I recently commissioned Hannah to do a Family portrait for my Son's 40th Birthday.  What a fantastic idea it turned out to be!  Hannah was as excited about the process as I was.  It surpassed my expectations and is loved by all the Family.  Thank you Hannah, it makes me smile each time I look at it."

- Deborah