Fingerprint Tree with Dog

Having seen the Fingerprint Tree Illustration I drew for Ben and Gemma at a wedding show, Nicola was keen to commission her own version for herself and her fiancé Tom. It was important to her that their beloved pet dog Molly was part of the design - she is part of their family after all! Nicola sent me lots of images to use as reference to draw from including images of her preferred hairstyle and of course little Molly. As I drew this in advance of their wedding day, it was important to Nicola to keep to tradition and not let Tom see her dress (a beautiful blush-coloured Maggie Sotterro wedding dress no-less!) until the day. Therefore I worked with her over email until she was happy with the illustration. 

Nicola also appointed me to illustrate a special Christmas present, Wedding Dress Illustration for her new sisier-in-law - see it here.