Family Portraits

Family Portraits are a lovely way to capture your family in a truly unique way. Include your babies and children, your parents, your grandparents, your pets - everyone! Imagine trying to get all that lot looking in the right direction at the same time! Not easy to achieve with a photograph, that's for sure.

A Family Portrait is a lovely gift to mark a special birthday, milestone or a moment in your life. Perhaps a portrait to mark the birth of a new baby, when your family increases by one! I will include items that are special to you, in a setting that has sentimental meaning - so your portrait really reflects you and your family. Nobody else's.

Please send me a message to talk about your illustration or get a quote here.

You can also buy a Gift Certificate for a Custom Family Portrait here.

I also sell a range of ready-to-buy, customisable art prints from my shop Sandpaper Kisses. This 'Bear Family Portrait' can be customised to include all your family members (as bears!) with text of your choice