One lovely weekend.

I spend a lot of my time merrily building my empire. Often I have more ideas than I have time for and sometimes I find it hard to switch off. So it's wonderful when I am able to steal small moments of time to just relax away from the illustrating world I've created. This weekend was, for me, everything I love – a beautifully simple mix of work and play. Here's some of what I did in-between my activities as "Hannah Weeks the Illustrator".


After a day of emailing, "social media-ing" and adding some finishing touches to a bespoke portrait, myself and Tom went to our very good friends' home for a relaxed evening of wine, chatter and fantastic food! They cooked up a delicious feast – a lasagne, that quite frankly Jamie Oliver would have been proud of, followed by the gooiest dark chocolate and hazelnut brownies. Mmmm! It was so good to completely relax after quite a tiring week, in such perfect company.


I'm just starting to tire of these short, dark, wintery days – I am desperate to get in my garden in the evenings and potter about. Something I just don't have time to do in the day time. Snow Drops and Crocuses are showing promises of Spring, as they push their way up through the cold earth – and everything is stirring, as it wakes up from a long sleep. Needless to say, I was delighted to have a few hours today to get to grips with some of the garden, and give it the attention it's been crying out for. I made a start on my front garden. The Hellebores are bursting into flower, and it felt great to free them from the masses of leaves that had surrounded them. I spent time carefully selecting some of the large, old leaves to cut back to give the new growth more light. There's so many new shoots appearing - they're going to be wonderful in just a couple of weeks!

I even had time to take care of my growing collection of succulents and tropical plants. They reside in my conservatory over the coldest months and are my all-time favourite plants – particularly the Sempervivums and Echeverias! They're magnificently intricate and come in so many colours and varieties. I have everything from a three foot Krantz Aloe to a Dessert Rose that spans nearly a metre, to a teeny tiny, chubby Echeverias Minima. It's my own personal indoor jungle. 

Then, this afternoon I had some desk-time catching up with customers and well...illustrating these bits from my weekend! What have you been up to this weekend? 

Take time to enjoy life's simple pleasures and have a wonderful week!

Hannah x