A peep inside my 'sketchbook'.

I never need to be asked twice to talk about my drawing process, and love describing how I illustrate each piece of bespoke artwork for my customers. I always start by explaining that "I begin every project with a pencil sketch” (before continuing to hand-draw each piece digitally). So whilst I will never tire of talking about my illustrations, I thought it would be a nice idea to show you some of these initial sketches.

I don’t have an actual sketchbook - rather a big box full of individual drafts on sheets of paper. Some of the sketches are more conceptual than others. Many are nothing more than a few lines or shapes on a page, which are often completely indecipherable to others, but they help me to decide on form and positioning. Sometimes I produce just one preliminary drawing before progressing to refine it digitally, while other times I map out lots of different compositions and ideas, before settling on the one I am happy to progress with.

Set of drawings showing my development of composition before adding detail to the final pencil sketch.

Finished hand-drawn, digital illustration

Once I am happy with the pencil sketch, until the illustration is finished, I hand-draw everything digitally in Adobe Photoshop, using the draft drawing as my guide. Even though this stage is dictated by my sketch, it never becomes a ‘paint-by-numbers’, I am always amending and re-drawing sections of the piece as I go along.

Please do take a little peep at these 'before and after' sketches and finished illustration, to show how my drawings evolve from start to finish.

I hope you've enjoyed taking a little look at some of my sketches. If you would like to find out about my illustration process in full, you can read more about it here.

Hannah x