Illustrated Table Plans.

Table Plans are a huge part of your wedding reception. They take the guess-work of where to sit, away for your guests – saving guests from any awkward 'which table am I at?' moments. It's likely that you and your soon-to-be husband or wife are the only ones that will know absolutely everyone that's coming to your wedding – so it's just as well that you're the ones that will decide on the seating plan. Lots of couples recoil in horror at the thought of sorting where their friends and family will sit – but it is important that you take care of it. You know who to sit with who, and who will likely enjoy spending time together during the wedding breakfast. Don't panic! You'll work it all out :)

[Photos - Jo Bradbury]

So, why an illustrated Table Plan?

Well, why not? If you're going to be spending all this time making sure everybody's happy with where they're sat, you may as well take a little extra time to make it look lovely too. An attractive seating chart can be a piece of art in it's own right, so it becomes a beautiful memento of your big day. It will act as a reminder of all your friends and family that came to your wedding – I like to think of them as a type of guestbook. Not only can hang it on your wall afterwards!

Ideas for your illustrated Table Plan.

Think about incorporating things that mean something to you as a couple – the place you met, your favourite food or your hobbies. Or it could be that you choose simply, to coordinate your Table Plan with the rest of your wedding stationery (illustrated or otherwise), and wedding day colours.

Other items to consider.

Think about commissioning coordinating table name cards, place settings and menus. This will tie the whole look of your wedding together and really set the scene in your wedding breakfast dining space.

Emma and Al married at Wellbeing Farm and were keen to incorporate their love for allotments and herb gardens into their table decor. They chose a different herb for each table and 'The Allotment' for the top table. Photos - Jo Bradbury.

Lyndsey and Jamie met on Tinder so they ran with that as their table plan theme. They names each of their tables after different dating apps and websites! Photos - October Willis

Lyndsey and Jamie also chose coordinating table name cards for each of their tables and decorative menus. Photos - October Willis

If you’d like to talk about commissioning your own bespoke seating plan and other table stationery, please get in touch, or fill in my get a quote form – I would be delighted to help you create your dream wedding! Looking for a little inspiration? Then take a peep at my table plan gallery.

Hannah x