Christmas Proposals.

The most popular time of year to pop the question is during Christmas and New Year. I asked you to share your stories with me if you got engaged over the festive season. There were some truly lovely proposals this Christmas – you are a very romantic lot! Here are two of my absolute favourites...

Kaitlyn's Story.

"I’ll start with this, I LOVE Christmas!!! My story is that my fiancé took me to NYC and proposed at the Rockefeller tree where the year prior he had asked me to be his girlfriend. The night before (December 13) he told me I would not be going to work for the next couple of days because he had requested these from my new boss and I needed to pack a bag. He woke me up at 2:52AM to let me know that we needed to be out of the house by 3:30AM. By 3pm we were in New Jersey about to board the train. He had gotten a room in time square with a terrace. We went to dinner and walked to the tree. The year prior we were under the tree where I fangirled over the being there because it has always been my dream to go to NYC at Christmas time. There was a photographer there that took random photos of us and approached us after letting us know he took them and asked if we would like to buy them. I knew very early that he was special and I knew I was very lucky to be with him.

Back to this year, so we’re at the tree and he’s looking for a photographer to take our picture. He found a guy who he thought it may have been the same guy from the year prior, it was!!! So he asked him to take pictures and I told him I wanted to pretend like he wasn’t there like last time. So, we were talking, kissing, hugging...when he asked me if I knew how much he loved me. I said yes and he asked me about 3 more times before he got down and asked me to be his wife. We both cried and everyone around us were cheering and clapping. It was truly an amazing experience. The following day it snowed and we were able to watch the snow fall from our hotel terrace and even had a mini snowball fight."

Emily's Story.


"Me and my fiancé (Dan) got engaged on Christmas Day this year, it was a complete surprise! We have been together for 4 and a half years, lived together for 2 years and have know for a long time that we want to spend the rest of our lives together. However, I was definitely not expecting a proposal on Christmas morning! On Christmas day, my fiancé had wrapped up all my presents, a bottle of gin, chocolates, a beautiful Tiffany necklace and then there was one huge present left. He said this is a jokey present and just for a bit of a laugh (I imagined it would be a cat related present as we have a little kitten). As I unwrapped the box, inside was a smaller box wrapped up (still rather large), I unwrapped this to find a smaller round box (like a cake tin) wrapped up again, I unwrapped this and it kept going, just like Russian dolls, until I finally unwrapped the smallest circular box and found a little box wrapped in gold paper. At this point, my other half was on one knee in front of me, took the box from my hand and opened it, asking "Will you marry me?". I burst out crying, managing to say yes and he put the ring on my finger. To make it even more special, the ring belonged to my auntie who sadly passed away last Christmas, it is absolutely perfect and I'm still in shock that were engaged!"

Natasha's Proposal.

I was also told about another proposal, just before Christmas, which I just had to share with you. Natasha's (now) fiancé Paul, popped the question in San Francisco in view of the Golden Gate Bridge, during a trip-of-a-lifetime road trip around California. She asked me to illustrate the moment for his Christmas present, and I love how it's turned out!

Did you get engaged this Christmas or New Year's Eve?

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I look forward to hearing lots more romantic engagement stories!

Hannah x